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Physiotherapy Program

Physiotherapy at a gym is on the UP and UP! It is an excellent way to strengthen the body in a setting with all the appropriate equipment needed to help you reach your goals!


We are proud to work hand in hand with Registered Physiotherapists Amanda Stevens & Rheanne Carleton from Lemonade Physio, to provide this unique Physiotherapy program. They will meet with you to complete an initial assessment, either in person or virtually, and discuss the injury or physical limitation for which you are seeking treatment.  She will provide a rehabilitation plan for our PTAs to execute with you right here at the gym!

Physiotherapy in a gym is an excellent way to strengthen your body. It helps to promote a healthy and strong body, build confidence, and improve resiliency. There are many ways Physiotherapy could support your goals - from rehabilitation of an injury, to identifying weak areas or imbalances in the body, to teaching appropriate strength training exercises and technique, to managing a chronic disease, as well as injury prevention - all so you can return to life safely and stay strong and independent!​


Common Population:

  • Athletes of all ages

  • Older adults (safely gain strength and maintain independence)

  • Moms (gain fitness, strength, and body confidence)


How It Works:

Your PTA is continuously in touch with your physiotherapist to ensure you are receiving the highest

quality of care possible in order to reduce pain, improve range of motion, and increase strength.

Reassessments with the physiotherapist are available upon request, or as required every 6-8 weeks.

Once we are provided with your treatment plan the sessions will be charged as follows:

  • 30-minute sessions - $75

  • 45-minute sessions - $90

  • 60-minute sessions - $110

We use a pay as you go system. You are only billed for sessions as they are completed with the PTA.  All fees are charged automatically to a valid credit card and an invoice is sent to your email for you to claim with your benefits provider.


How To Get Started:

Patient is scheduled for an Initial Assessment with one of our Physiotherapists where they spend time gathering information, assessing the situation, and understanding the rehab goals. If the patient's injury or limitation needs to be closely monitored by the Physiotherapist themselves, they will see them again. In some other cases, after an initial assessment the patient may begin to work with a Physiotherapy Assistant (PTA). The PTA will closely follow the Physiotherapists plan and support their rehabilitation and goals in a gym setting. Each treatment plan is designed individually for the patient to ensure they are getting exactly what they need to improve their condition! 

Contact & Booking:

To book online:

For more information email: Jen Symanyk ( - Fitness Director and Clinic Coordinator 

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