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Client Testimonials

Tara Glenfield

“I had been looking to find a beginner yoga class that would cater to someone whose joints *may* not work as well as they did 10 years ago. As the parent of a 6 year old, whose evenings are stolen by sports and homework, my only option was weekdays between 10 & 2. ‘Good luck’ was starting to become my mentality.


Low on energy one day, and hoping to find it in a cup, I stopped at Timmies in New Hamburg. Lo and behold - a gym…in New Hamburg…that has yoga?!?! And right beside a Timmies. It can’t be!


After pinching my thigh to see if I was dreaming, I did what most people in 2023 would do - I sat outside the gym and Googled it. Now I had to rub my eyes. I was tired but also in disbelief. Along with other options, they had a yoga class at noon on Wednesdays. I quickly opened my Amazon app, ordered a yoga mat and signed up for a free class. I figured why not, Amazon takes returns and I’m not committing.


Here’s where I would normally tell you all the great things about this class, but instead I’ll explain simply: 


1. I never returned the yoga mat ;)

2. Barb, the instructor, is fantastic. She will show you accommodations if needed, particularly if you, like me, dropped it like it was hot too many times in your 20’s and your knees are now paying in your 40’s

3. It is truly a class for all levels. You will feel comfortable if this is your first or 181st class.

4. Just try it. First class is free so you have no excuse!

5. There’s a Timmies next door – ‘nuff said!”

Andrea Shantz

"Yin Yoga with Barb is the perfect end to a stressful day. It gives me a chance to stretch, breath and let go. Barb is amazing at providing opportunities for advanced participants to challenge themselves while also providing modifications if needed. She is patient, kind and welcoming. This particular yoga practice has significantly improved my flexibility as you hold the positions for a longer amount of time. I highly recommend this class!"

Janny Wallbank

"I have been practicing yoga for several years now. Initially I found the slower pace difficult but now embrace the pace and the poses. The stretching has benefitted me the most. I am proud of the flexibility I have gotten and I believe this will be a definite asset as I continue to age. Different classes offer styles of yoga. The instructors are excellent and help guide me through which ever practice I choose. I enjoy the changes I feel with my body and mind and I always leave the class with a feeling of contentment and relaxation."

John Lindsay

"As I got older (now in my 70's) I felt myself becoming less flexible. These Yoga sessions are helping me to regain my flexibility. Yoga has been extremely beneficial in expanding my mobility, my flexibility, balance, stretching, breathing and helping to improve my body and self awareness.  The instructors are very professional , non-judgmental and very knowledgeable!!"

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