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Our Yoga Instructors

Candice Fedy

Candice completed her initial 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in 2014.


Since then, she has taught yoga in various settings – gyms, studios, schools and within the community – and recently opened a small home studio here in New Hamburg.


She has completed additional trainings in accessible yoga, yin yoga, chair yoga, pre/post natal yoga, meditation, neuro-diverse yoga, and trauma-sensitive yoga. She recently completed an additional 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training, and earned the designation through Yoga Alliance as an E-RYT500…the highest credentialing that a Yoga Teacher can receive.


She is a certified instructor through the LoveYourBrain foundation, a certified Laskshmi-Voelker Chair Yoga Teacher, and has assisted in various Yoga Teacher Training programs.

She loves helping people find movement that is accessible within their own individual ranges of motion, while providing guidance to support them in their yoga practice. Candice is a mom to a 9 year old son, and a doggie mom to 2 pups. She is an avid gardener, and has over 50 indoor plants and extensive outdoor gardens. Candice loves music and creating soulful playlists for her yoga classes. When she's not teaching yoga, she works in acute care at Cambridge Memorial Hospital in Speech-Language Pathology.  Any hip-related stretches are her favorite...and a yoga strap is her favorite prop! 

Barb Marion

Barb Marion started her fitness journey from a very beginner, "nervous of the gym" member at Evoke Fitness. Through our Personal Training and Yoga Programs, she is now a Yoga Instructor herself!

This is Barb's very own Fitness Story:


Back in 2015, I was pretty intimidated to step into a gym, but yoga turned out to be my gateway to a healthier life. 7 years in, I am choosing to share my fitness journey because I’m so excited Evoke has a full yoga studio running alongside the gym!  I hope my journey will inspire others to see that anyone can make a change.


At first, yoga and Zumba got me coming into the building twice a week. Both activities were very physically challenging for me as I was carrying an extra 55lbs, but I kept at them, becoming more comfortable just being in the facility.               

I couldn’t walk my dog for longer than 20 minutes without debilitating pain in my hip. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong … it was the extra weight and lack of strength. I knew it was time to make a choice, and a commitment to myself. 


I was already familiar with the gym so I mustered up the courage and asked about personal training. That’s when I met Nicola and my life began to change. We really clicked, and over the next 9 months and a lot of hard work, tears and laughs we conquered highs and lows and I lost 55 pounds.  I’ve kept the weight off and my body healthy for 3.5 years and am able to do all the classes now.


I retired in June of 2019 and trained with Nicola to be ready to hike Machu Picchu in Peru.


Through daily yoga and a few classes a week I am healthiest at 55 than ever before. I now love going on 2 hour hikes in the Rocky Mountains with my kids, paddle boarding in Nova Scotia with my son, practising yoga daily and now following that passion to teach it. I am now confident in my body.


I am confidently signed up to finish my Yoga Canada certification, something I would never have done if I didn’t make that first step into the yoga studio. 


If you want to add something special to your workout regime, please reserve your spot on MINDBODY and give my Yoga class a try. If you have a family member or friend you want to help enter the world of better health, mind and body, please bring them to our new yoga studio…maybe it will be their gateway to healthier life  too!



Beth Martin

Beth Martin has been teaching yoga with Evoke Fitness for many many years. She loves making each class accessible for all ages, and all levels.

Kristy Chambers

Deep breath in.... and big slow exhale... let your shoulders relax, close your eyes and take a break in Yoga!


Yoga has become a very special part of my fitness journey over the past few years. It's so important to move your body every day, in different ways. My background in fitness began with weight training and in order to continue this path, my body needed the stretch and rehabilitation that Yoga provided. When I began practicing, I learned how much more I could benefit from it - body AND mind. I began my certification in Yin Yoga in 2020 and have been loving the journey. I love the clarity and calmness Yin brings to my life and I love sharing that with others. Since beginning my Yoga journey I have learned so much about the different disciplines of Yoga and how each can enrich your life in so many ways. I'm always surprised by how wonderful Yoga can make me feel - whether you're a seasoned Yogi or new to the mat, I truly believe Yoga is for everyone!

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