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Welcome to the story of your small town gym!


Personally Fit began in New Hamburg in 2011 in our family's garage and it was just what Wilmot was looking for! We offered Personal Training, Meal Planning, Run Programs, Classes for the whole family and more.


As our family grew in New Hamburg, so did the gym! We moved to 66 Hincks Street in 2017 and joined forces with the amazing staff and members of ABsolute Fitness. We

p fit.jpg

had a blast getting to know each other and expanding our gym family once again. Our staff grew to 28 local Wilmot residents and we doubled in membership. We were having a great time helping people get fit in the gym, in training, and in classes. We added to our programming by offering Massage, Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy, and Kinesiology which allowed us to support our members even further in their wellness. We have loved learning new ways to incorporate all these therapies in our training to provide an incredible experience in wellness for the whole family.


Wanting to further include fitness and movement for everyone, we began offering programming for children as young as 18 months of age. We want health, wellness, movement and exercise to be a natural part of everyone's life, no matter what age you are.


Fast forward to 2021 - we moved again! While we were enjoying our space at 66 Hincks Street, our landlords had other plans - being evicted (because the property was sold for redevelopment) during the Covid-19 pandemic wasn't exactly what we felt like doing -  but we took it in stride and promised to keep evolving and rising up!!


The amazing owners of 332 Hamilton Road (also in New Hamburg) took us in July of 2021 and off to work we went. With the generous support of local businesses, friends, family, and members we transformed a building of offices into a fantastic modern gym - with a beautiful weight room, 3 studios and 3 treatment rooms, we were ready to get back at it - reopening in December of 2021.

final in frame.png

With this next chapter in our story, we felt we needed a fresh new name to accompany our fresh new start. Evoke Fitness, Training and Rehabilitation was born! Paralleling our fitness journeys, we will continue to use determination, perseverance, and the will to MAKE IT!   


Join us as we all continue to better ourselves, be stronger, more positive, more lifted, and always striving to be our best selves here at Evoke! 

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