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Ninjas & Parkour is a program based on the fundamentals and combination of martial arts and gymnastics. It focuses on balance, coordination, and core strength through skills obtained by participation in obstacle courses, games, bodyweight movements, and other physical challenges! We have a rock climbing wall, crash mats, balance boards, trampolines, and a pull up bar! No experience required, all levels of fitness are welcome! This class is about moving your body and having fun while doing it! 


Our Kids Cross Train Program is designed to support all kids in any level of fitness! Being healthy and moving your body is for everyone. Whether you are looking to train to improve your athletic abilities or are just starting out in the gym, this program is for you. Engage in fun workouts using body weight, mats, ropes, kettle bells, machines and more to make coming to the gym as an easy and fun part of your life.  Our qualified and welcoming trainers have planned exciting workouts, challenges, games and activities to get you moving and have a blast while doing it. All levels will be planned for, welcomed, and accommodated!


Gymnastics in New Hamburg? The best! Our amazing coaches welcome all level of gymnasts to this exciting program! We have a beam, tumble track, bar, rock climbing wall, training vaults, mats, trampoline, and more! We love putting together fun and engaging class plans to work on core strength, balance, the fundamentals of gymnastics, flexibility, movement, and fun! With our small ratio of gymnasts to coaches it’s easy to welcome those who have gymnastics experience and those who are new to the program. All levels will be welcomed and accommodated!

Yoga Adventures 

Welcome to fun Yoga for Kids! Each week we explore relaxation, new Yoga poses through adventures such Yoga Safari and Exploring the Season in Yoga. The children will engage in a variety of fun and gentle movements; relaxing the mind and body all while being entertained in a fun, quiet and captivating adventure! Classes are 45 minutes in length and we promise your little Yogi will leave happy and calm. Namaste!


Youth Yoga 

Yoga for children is so beneficial for the mind and body! Our Yoga students will relax and stretch their bodies in new Yoga poses, while practicing the poses they had previously learned. Yoga is a beautiful form of exercise for young children; helping strengthen and tone the growing body and mind. Students will leave happy and calm and ready to take on the next day with peace! Yoga helps with sleep, confidence, and overall well being. Classes are 45 minutes in length. Namaste!

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