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Patient Testimonials

Danielle W 

"Working with Amanda and Patty has been ever changing for me. When I started in January of 2023, I was unhappy with myself and very stiff and sore. Within a couple months of following Amanda's customized program for me, I found myself getting stronger, becoming mentally happier, and  a dramatic reduction in my soreness and stiffness. I have also gained that much needed confidence to get back to the gym regularly to continue getting stronger. Thank you, Amanda and Patty!" 

Kevin S


“My physio journey began after a shoulder surgery that left me unable to lift my arm above my shoulder. The training sessions were hard work, but Jo-Anne made them enjoyable. I began to look forward to my two weekly sessions. Gradually the stiffness in my shoulder eased and within six months I had regained full motion of my arm. I’ve continued strengthening my shoulder and today my arm is better than ever.”


Brandon R 

"My name is Brandon and I play football for the U14 JR Warrior’s. When I started playing I didn’t know many workouts that would help me strengthen myself for football until I started training with Jeff.
Jeff shows me workouts that help me gain strength and power. After training with Jeff, I have 100% become a better athlete and a better football player.”

Julia A

"Amanda was recommended to me after a sub-par experience with another physiotherapist. She listened carefully, assessed my needs and set me up with a program I could follow at home. I saw results quickly. Couldn't be happier."

Kathy H 

"I first came to Josh and Amanda with hip and back pain along with a reoccurring ankle issue.  Honestly, I was looking for a quick fix. 

After working with Josh, who is always willing to share his incredible wealth of knowledge, I have been able to prevent any further injuries and the pain is gone,

I’m feeling better than I ever have and can’t wait to see how much further we can take the progress.

Thank you Josh, Amanda and the Lemonade Team!" 

Lori B

"Amanda is an amazing physiotherapist! She is knowledgeable, caring and passionate about helping people. You are in very good hands with Amanda."

Helen D

"I want to thank the Team at Evoke Fitness who have helped me with the physio.  When I first started two years ago, I was in constant pain but with the guidance that I have received during sessions and a complete understanding on their part of my struggles and limitations, we have managed to get me to a point of pain free days.  I have been fortunate to work directly with Amanda and Jen whose academic and professional knowledge proves their understanding of my physical limitations and in turn create a physio program that has helped me get to where I am today. I can’t thank Kristy enough for bringing this program into the gym and making it accessible for those of us that are on a healing journey."

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