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Team Training


Strength and conditioning programs designed specific to the sport improving athletes strength, power and agility to create greater performance. We design comprehensive programs offering team warmups specific to sport needs, pre game nutritional tips and complete fitness assessments of each athlete as well as monitoring improvements throughout. These programs create a large base of athleticism and then challenge each athlete with more complex and dynamic movements to continually increase performance. Each session is instructed by our trainers to teach and encourage each athlete to become better every workout.

Individual Strength Training and Injury Rehabilitation

Whether you’re looking to recover from an injury and return to play or simply become a better athlete in your sport we have you covered. Building individualized workout programs developed from our comprehensive assessment of each athlete. These programs are designed to improve each athletes sport specific needs as well as any weaknesses or injury rehabilitation needed. Athletes have the option to work with our physiotherapists as well as strength coaches to build the program that is going to benefit them most in their performance. Each program will take into account your sport needs as well as seasonal workload to provide optimal times to work on each aspect of the athlete providing reduced risk of injury and increased performance improvements.

Pre-tryout Strength and Conditioning


This specialized program is built to prepare the athlete to achieve peak performance at their respective tryout times to be able to show coaches and evaluators their abilities. In this program we break down the athletes sport needs and spend a large portion of the program working to ensure these are at the highest level possible before tryouts. Each athlete completes an assessment of their performance and certain exercises are incorporated that address individual needs. We combine these together to build a program that ensures the athlete is at their highest performance level finishing the program and entering their tryout season.


Off Season Strength and Conditioning


This program is built to create a better athlete both in their sport and overall. We phase this program so that we ensure each athlete grows their base of athleticism in order to continually develop both in the off season and in their sport season. Each athlete begins with an assessment of their athletic abilities and their needs are built into the program to address any weak areas. We continually assess each athletes progress and make adjustments to the program as needed to ensure we are getting the best possible results. Off season is the best time to build each athlete’s ability and increase their resiliency so that their next sport season is their best yet.

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